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Samsung Galaxy Gear Wearables, Smartwatch News 2014

This year, Samsung has officially entered the market, there are some relatively successful outfit. The Qi Wireless Power Back Cover for S3 is increasingly reported in many markets for sale. However, it is worth buying gear

Samsung Galaxy gear is a relatively new niche of smart-hour South Korean mobile phone market leader taken. A number of its…


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Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack brought to you by Shift-S3ctor and Revvolution. 1/2 mile roll race and trap speed competition. June 27th and 28th.

Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack brought to you by Shift-S3ctor and Revvolution. 1/2 mile roll race and trap speed competition. June 27th and 28th.…


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Big Red Camaro vs. 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Big Red Camaro vs. 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28


In February 2014, Hot Rod Magazine invited the Big Red Camaro out to face off against Chevrolet's new 2014…


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To challenge Android, Microsoft offers free Windows phones, tablets

Microsoft is smart phones and tablet PCs to small consumer manufacturers to abandon its Windows operating system, because it is designed to make more of an impact in the fast-growing market, and to offset the huge success of Google's free android mini pc, the company's .

Microsoft's move, the annual developer conference in San Francisco announced that an attempt to expand the Windows Mobile version of the small…


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The Camaro Z/28's Brakes Were So Strong They Twisted The Tires Around

In an unexpected turn of events, the Camaro Z/28's engineers noticed that the tires rotated at least a full 360 degrees on the rims during a single lap on the test track. Brembo's carbon-ceramic brake rotors can do that to you.



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Tesla Planner 5 billion Batterij Factory

Electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. today announced the proposed replacement battery "Giga Factory" would cost up to $ 5 billion and allow it to sell as many as 500,000 cars a year.

Palo Alto, California, the company outlined plans for a factory that would employ up to 6,500 people and covers as many as 1,000 acres, including solar and wind power to supply its energy needs. This is a guest page, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona…


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Windows Phone can dual-boot with Android as Microsoft announces new partners

While Android is used by numerous cellphone spare parts manufacturers, Windows Phone is primarily a Nokia-only affair. Sure, there are other manufacturers that Microsoft's mobile operating system, such as HTC and Samsung use, but let's face it - if you have a Windows Phone, you want a Nokia. For a company like Apple is the only manufacturer of iOS is intended. Microsoft, however, business has always been to…


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Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit, with an emphasis on simplicity

Samsung must make a new year's resolution to stay focused.

The company often criticized as a gimmick, and read so many features on their devices as possible - but do not save pennies in their marketing.

But its new flagship smartphone and SmartWatch, as announced on Monday at a relatively modest media event Mobile World Congress here, focusing on the fact that only a few good things.

Samsung emphasizes better…


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Exclusive T3 ditches Apple iBand

Wear-resistant high-tech products are currently the hottest trends, but Apple has created a unique potential fitness tracker called iBand.

Recently, in an effort to reassure investors that Apple is still at the forefront of video game controllers, CEO Tim Cook all but confirmed that the company will announce a new product category in 2014.

While rumors flooded in the past twelve months,…


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Tesla CEO Elon Musk had met with leading Apple exec deals

Last year, more analysts recommend buying Apple Tesla made a bold march automotive industry. It turns out that in California Cupertino, may give the idea a little more attention than some expected.

Apple's chief mergers and acquisitions, Adrian Perica, Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Apple Cupertino headquarters last spring, citing anonymous sources according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The newspaper also reported that, at the time, met with musk possible Apple CEO Tim Cook.…


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Help Find This Stolen 1,000 HP Dodge Challenger

Joel Highsmith built a Dodge Challenger with the goal of breaking the 200 mph barrier at events like the Mojave Mile. Now that dream is shattered because the car has been stolen. Let's see if we can find it.P

According to …


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Shawn Ellington, AKA Murder Nova, is in the process of making some big changes to his street car, a flat black 1969 Chevy Nova. Ellington, one of the front-runners in the show Street Outlaws, previously ran a Procharger setup and is making the switch to turbos! He recently sent his engine to Pro Line to be freshened for the new set of twin-turbos. We look…


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Rare Mustang Boss 302 emerges from barn after 40-year slumber

After several years of fever for "barn find" cars — those automotive jewels supposedly tucked away for decades in forgotten corners — the bar for an impressive discovery has reached an all-time high. Between the several TV shows and websites devoted to hidden classics, collectors have grown jaded and suspicious of many. Here's one example that's broken through the clamor to capture a growing attention from the ardent fans of late '60s Ford Mustangs.…


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Hennessey-Prepped Ford GT Makes Record 9.3-Second Pass

A sense of style goes hand-in-hand with drag racing, but it certainly isn’t at the top of the list of importance. Most of the cars you see at the track are purpose-built machines that only have a single goal, to go really fast. After that, comes the looks part, as some racers do like to have a race car that has show quality attributes that can be anything from killer paint to wheels and even a certain stance. Then there’s the breed of gearheads like Jason “Mullet” Steven…


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The profiteering from Paul Walker’s death has begun.

A …


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Classic Shelby GT500 Catches Fire, Burns to the Ground!!!

A Classic Shelby GT500 catches fire and burns to the ground and you won’t believe how much this thing was worth.

Many car enthusiasts cringe at the sight of a classic vehicle meeting its demise and there’s few cars you’d be more horrified to see get torched than a vintage Shelby GT500. Sadly, that’s exactly what happened to German TV star Mark Keller’s 1967-1968 GT500 on his way to breakfast. The TV star is known for his lead role on the German television series…


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FOR SALE - Pfadt Racing’s Camaro ZL1

If you are on the prowl for the baddest ZL1 in the country – look no further. Here’s the run down on the vehicle. Or just head over to eBay and check it out.

Pfadt Racing is internationally known for taking sports cars and maximizing…


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Marty Pearcy’s Gorgeous X275 Dodge Challenger!

After years of racing and winning championships with his 1970 Duster in the West Texas True Ten Five class, Midland, Texas resident Marty Pearcy decided it was time to step up to something new. What that something new became was a rarity in the small tire drag racing: a a new-age Dodge Challenger packing Chrysler for power.

“When these cars…


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V2lab Evolution 8 – AEM Meth Tune

Versiontwo Laboratory Evolution 8 • Tuned by Sergio at Kings Performance

• High Boost Coming Soon.

Built motor with a Precision 6262 turbo. Management: AEM Ems V2 on 93 octane gas with AEM' s Water Meth kit (running the big-jet). Everything else done by Kings Performance.

For more information about the tuner or shop that built the car - visit…


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For Sale - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Resto-Mod $49,000

1969 Chevrolet Camaro RESTO-MOD Coupe

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Resto-Mod

Metallic Orange with Charcoal Stripe over Black Houndstooth Interior

Super High-Quality Restoration with a 21st Century Soul!





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