Two Tractor Trailers Hauling 85 Tons Drag Racing Who will win!!

These days it seems like people will race anything, from lawn mowers to beer coolers. Truck racing of many forms has been around for a long time, as have tractor pulls, drag racing, drifting, so on and so forth. But still, it can be hard to imagine that the same tractor-trailer truck hauling a load of LCD televisions to Best Buy may also moonlight as a drag racing legend.

And yet we came across this video from the 2009 Truck Rodeo, a Canadian celebration of all things Big Rig that include a crazy quarter-mile races between fully loaded semi trucks. Watching these haulers literally haul their front wheels off of the ground makes for a fascinating spectacle.

The Truck Rodeo celebrate its 30th year in 2011, taking place in a small town of 1,250 in Ontario, in eastern Canada. Trucks from around the world gather to show off their super-trucks, and two of the biggest names are in this video right here; Nicholas Gagnon and Vincent Couture. Their two trucks are estimated to make over 2,000 horsepower each, and the above video comes from the “loaded” competition where each competitor must haul a triple trailer with 85 tons of goods on it up a steep hill as fast as they can. Gagnon won both the loaded and unload categories in 2011.

Madness? Yes. Entertaining? Hell yes. It’s amazing how close these Canadians get to these beastly trucks billowing black smoke as they ascend the hill, but there are also “bobtail”, or unloaded drag races as well. If you ask us, this video proves two things; Canadians are just cold weather rednecks, and men will race anything. Then again, we already knew that…

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Comment by Scott clark on February 20, 2012 at 16:25
I have a 3406 cat with a austrial download w 850 hoursepower assuming 29torque, i have rebuilt moter and keep blowing head gaskets can anyone give me advice as to way.

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